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We offer best SEO services in Kanpur, 15 major cities of India & overseas


Tech Vahini holds more than 6 years of experience in doing SEO for corporates, eCommerce, Personal blogs, Law Firms, content marketers, affiliate marketers, insurance agents and product/service based businesses from all around the world.

SEO is a practice that allows businesses to generate high-quality leads and send traffic to their websites at a consistently increasing rate. Basically, the idea behind doing SEO for a website is quite simple, people who are searching for products and services are more likely to purchase. SEO is a better practice than other forms of online marketing because it gives your consistent results and once you are ranked, you do not have to keep looking at the statistics of invested amounts in advertisements. We have helped more than 150 businesses in generating high-quality leads and traffic to their websites through successful SEO campaigns in the past few years..

SEO is a game that changes its rules every now and then, so you need an SEO expert who is in the game and is currently doing it for websites in multi-niches. End goal of any online marketing campaign is to increase the sales/leads, we have done it for many clients and we will happily do it for you

Kartik, who is an SEO expert and an analyst at Tech Vahini leads a team of most efficient SEO experts who are always up to provide you with the right guidance and make SEO strategies for your company.

We offer cheap and affordable SEO services to our clients so that they get maximum profit in the minimum investment, that is why are referred to as the cheap and best SEO company in India.

Companies who have understood the importance of search engine visibility and organic search queries are getting SEO done on their websites and enjoying its wonderful advantages, now it is your turn & responsibility to out-rank your competitors and help your target customers find the best products and services that you have to offer.

  • Increases brand visibility & brand value.
  • Gets organic search queries that convert more.
  • Helps in generating quality leads.
  • You will be the online boss of your industry.
  • Build trust among your customers.
  • It is your job to help people find what you have to offer.
  • Users who will be visiting your website have the intention to purchase.
  • Your competitors are anyway doing it & reaching out to customers.
  • You’re struggling with generating more leads.
  • You’re someone who want to reach customers.
  • You want your brand value to increase more.
  • Your compitetors rank on search engines and generate sales.
  • You have amazing products/services to market.
  • You are a insurance agent.
  • You are looking for affordable SEO campaigns.
  • You want to become number one in searches.
  • Service Providers.
  • Retailers.
  • Insurance Agents.
  • eCommerce Brands.
  • Corporates.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Product based companies.
  • Cleaning Services.
  • IT Companies.
  • Small Scale Businesses.
  • Medical/Hospital Services.
  • Hotels.
  • Institutional Websites.
  • Real Estate Agents/Companies.
  • Banks
  • Government Institutions.
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Things we can do for you

Google, Bing, Yandex & other search engines need good content to rank because they want the best interface for their readers. We at Tech Vahini provide you with the best SEO services in Kanpur, 15 major cities of India, and overseas to improve your search rankings and get profitable clicks for your website to increase sales & leads consistently.


The technical aspect of search engine optimization plays a vital role in getting your web pages ranked. In the traditional sense, it is a part of on-page SEO.


There are various metrics that affect your website rankings on the search engines. Once we are done with creating the content, we start optimizing it.


Off-Page SEO involve practices that are important for your web page for gaining authority in the search engines and increasing website traffic.

Why Tech Vahini for SEO?

Simply because our results speak for us. Tech Vahini is one of those very few SEO companies that offer guaranteed & calculated projections with promising results and reporting.

Client’s online success is kind of a big deal for us and this gives us extra motivation to work smarter and harder to improve your search engine rankings & secure first position for the most profitable keywords of your industry.

We meet you in-person to get to know what are your requirements and what exactly are you trying to achieve.

Our style of working on new projects is designed in such a manner that our clients feel motivated and confident.

We don’t give false commitments. We provide our clients with real time reporting and feasible projections to work long-term.

Client Testimonials
Tarun Agarwal founder of A3T incorporated giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Tarun Agarwal
A3T Incorporated

I approached Akash and his team for building my website, the response was quick and impressive. Tech Vahini built my website in the committed time period. My website was ranking for few keywords in 3rd and 4th pages. They encouraged me to get seo for the same, now my website is ranking on page 1 on the google since then and I’m getting consistent traffic. I am in a very competitive niche and I was surprised how did they manage to rank those keywords. They are my IT backup in the true sense. I have had seen many companies but Tech Vahini is the best digital marketing company in India.

Sharad Agarwal, Founder of Leo Foods PVT LTD giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Mr. Sharad Agarwal
Leoline Food Pvt Ltd

I wanted my website to be revamped and Tech Vahini did it for me. I have a client base in India and overseas and my clients literally ask for the company who developed this website for us. I have said this to Kartik over a phone call. We have just started getting seo services from them and I can already see the results. Service, prices and interaction are amazing.

Dr. Anil Jain Head of Anesthesia GSVM, Kanpur giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Dr. Anil Verma
GSVM, Kanpur

I know Akash and his team for a long time now and they have never let me down. Whether it was about building a website for RSACPCON, Kanpur or developing a CRM, designing the logo, brochure, and other stationery items, they did it right on time. Keep up the good work guys.

Prashant Matani, Co Founder of TK Trader, Kanpur giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Prashant Matani
TK Traders

We took SEO services from Tech Vahini for the first time in 2016 and since then they have been providing us with SEO services for all my business websites. They are affordable, on-time and easy to reach. It is truly the best digital marketing company in India because provide amazing customer service and results.

Fazal Mirza, Founder of Megatack Ltd giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Fazal Mirza
Megatack Pvt. Ltd.

I got my eCommerce website developed by Tech Vahini and the results were outstanding. They offered me combo package for website development and seo. They turned my website into a money-making machine, I don’t know how these guys do it. They treat you professionally and deliver results on time. The tag, “Best Digital Marketing Company In India” suits Tech Vahini.

Manav Sachdeva Founder of Mega Softel PVT LTD giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Manav Sachdeva
Mega Softel Pvt. Ltd.

Tech Vahini is our outsourcing partner and I have been outsourcing seo, application development and web development projects to Tech Vahini for 3 years, they shock me every time with their punctuality and results. They are consistent, smart, fast and very responsive. I highly recommend companies to get services from them.

Bijendra Singh
Ekta Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

I started my new business in 2015 and approached Tech Vahini to develop my website. It looks stunning. Now they handle all my seo campaigns, PPC, social media advertising work and results are consistently impressive.

Shauna Allen author at 100HealthCare Inc. giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Shauna Allen
100Healthcare Inc.
Author, MD

I got medical seo services from this company and they ranked my website in less than 30 days. My website have secured #1 rank on the google searches for some most competitive keywords and I’m happy with the services. Tech Vahini also ranked my website for local searches in Texas and the idea still gives us consistent profits. Very good company and probably the best digital marketing company in India.

Pradeep Srivastava giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Pradeep Srivastava
Mantra Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Tech Vahini is currently providing social media marketing services to my institute and the results are profitable. I easily get leads and conversions on my website. They have also developed a website for my company. These guys are professionals and always have provided me with the right guidance. What I most liked about them is that they never gave a false commitment, they say it straightforward if it is not possible.

Amar Gupta
GS Jewels

Tech Vahini has designed a beautiful logo for my brand and it is now a trademark of my company. I have been taking designing services from them since long. They are very good at understanding client’s requirement and industry.

Karan Agarwal for best digital marketing agency in India
Karan Agarwal
ATR & Sons

I took social media marketing and seo services from Tech Vahini & these guys crafted a very calculated strategy for it. I could start seeing the results within the committed time period. I understand why it is the best digital marketing agency in India.

Ashish Shukla says that we are the best digital marketing agency in India.
Ashish Shukla
Anagh Fashion

I wanted to get my website developed and its seo in the first place. These guys did it for me. I couldn’t find better services than that. I highly recommend people to get in touch with them and get your work done because these guys are professionals, fast & result driven. Truly the best digital marketing agency in India.

Anoop Nain for best digital marketing agency in India
Anoop Nain
Nain Poultry

My website was nowhere on the search engines and I burnt a whole lot of money trying facebook advertisement by myself. Tech Vahini literally skyrocketed my website visitors and leads. Many thanks to this wonderful group of people and yes, if you are realy looking for the best digital marketing agency in India, Tech Vahini is the name.

Tarun Agarwal founder of A3T incorporated giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Tarun Agrawal
A3T Incorporated

I never thought that building a dealership chain for my company was possible with Facebook marketing, these guys did it. I have replaced my conventional BD team with Tech Vahini.

Fazal Mirza, Founder of Megatack Ltd giving testimonial to the best digital marketing company in India.
Fazal Ahmad
Megatack Pvt Ltd

Tech Vahini did what I never expected. They found highly reputed foreign buyers for my leather business by doing online marketing. I am happy with the service and behavior.