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On-Page SEO is the optimization of your website content that is unique and sharable. Search engines are the service providers and as a good service provider, they want to rank contents that are unique and have potential to provide value to their readers.

It is important for us to check the contents of the website before we start working on optimizing it. (In-case you provide us the content)

Search engines work on certain algorithms and we as a good SEO have to follow those algorithms to be in its good books. These algorithms are different for different search engines, You cannot ask to rank on the bing by just following rules for ranking on the google. Ya, that’s tough but that’s true!

We will be talking about Google here because of Google shares 90% of the search queries on the internet and you want to rank for it for this good reason.

Here are the services that we provide you while doing on-page SEO of your web pages. Please note, On-Page SEO of a website as a whole means one have to follow every rule for each web-page of your website. (It is not your website that ranks, it is your web- pages that rank for the keywords that we target)

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword in simple language means the search query. When you search a query on the google, those collections of alphabets or words or numbers make a keyword.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Whether you are an insurance agent or a car dealer company, your customers have some search queries related to your industry. When we talk about keyword research, it simply means finding the most profitable keywords to rank for.

Some search queries or in SEO terms, keywords have more search volumes but are hard to rank and some keywords are easy to rank.

When we say that a particular keyword is hard to rank, that means big websites from your industry are already ranking for that keyword and why is it hard for you to compete with them is because you are just starting out the optimization and they are doing it for years. Yes, age matters!


Tech Vahini has a track record of ranking some most difficult keywords while we were doing medical SEO for a pharma company based in the USA even when our client had a brand new website, but it usually takes more time and efforts as compared to the less difficult keywords.

Once we are done with the keyword research, our next step is to create contents for your web pages around those selected, profitable keywords. In case you are a product based business, we understand that some contents can’t be changed, so we play around with your content a little and make it worth Google love by placing the keyword in the right positions.

Content on your website includes everything that is visible to the users. Texts, Images, Videos, audios, Infographics etc.

Tech Vahini is equipped with the best content writers, graphics designers, and video makers who put in extra efforts to understand your industry and it’s customers and likewise make contents, so that it the content is easy to understand and value provider.

We are famous in our industry because of the fact that we are a full-service agency. You will find most of the needful services at Tech Vahini that are crucial for your brand to grow.

Content optimization is the method of making your site contents search engine friendly. There are various factors that are taken into account when we optimize your site’s content, here are some:

Title and Headline Tags
Internal Anchor Text
Keyword Prominence
URL Optimization
Silo SEO site building
Internal Linking Structure
Meta Content optimization
Video Optimization
Outbound External Links
Anchor Text Optimization
HTTP response code errors
Image Optimization

Off-page SEO can be described as the method of gaining authority for your website by getting links from high authority websites. Google search engine is one of the best examples of artificial intelligence. It has a huge database and it keeps the record of everything on the internet that has been optimized for it.

Let me explain it to you with a simple example: When a person who you trust refers you a company or a service provider, you are more likely to take interest in that company, right?

Same is the off-page SEO, Google gives you more preference when a website which has already gained google trust and authority points a link to your website. It is all about gaining the link juice from authority websites.

This phenomenon is called as link building and these links are called backlinks.

There are various methods of link building, we provide you with best and most reliable link building strategies in the industry that are good enough to rank your web pages #1 in 2018.

Guest Posting
Broken Link Building
Private Blog Network
Social Signals
Directory Submission
Forum Posting

Technical SEO lays the foundation for all your search engine optimization efforts. Whatever you do right, if you do not do technical SEO in a way it has to be done, You cannot rank on search engines.

Tech Vahini has a team of technical SEO experts who are hard at work when it comes to optimizing your website technically. In fact, our technical SEO head, Akash Narayan Gupta leads a team of 4 technical SEO experts at our office in Kanpur, who are hard at work to optimize your website in the best possible way.

Here are the technical SEO services that we will provide you with while doing your website’s technical SEO:

Optimizing Page Loading
Enable Compression
Minify Javascript and CSS files
Enable Browser Caching
Improve Server Response Time
Generating The Correct Sitemap
Optimizing For Mobile Device
Improve Website Responsiveness
hCard Implementation
w3C Markup Validation
Advanced Schema
Internal Anchor Text